Weekly Events & Activities

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Health Corner

7:00 pm

CREATION Life is inviting you to our new “Health Corner” online interactive experiences that will promote ways to continue to improve overall lifestyle health and keep you on the path of wellness.

Workshops will be live streamed to Healthy Flagler Facebook and Youtube Pages

Healthy Flagler Website

^ Click the link above ^

^ Click the link above ^


Youth and Young Adult Life Group

7:30 pm

Join our youth and young adult life group as they discover biblical principles and discuss how to apply them to their current life.

Monday – Friday

Camille Inspires

Daily 6:30 am

Join Camille as she communicates God’s powerful word in an easy-to-grasp and relevant way.

Florida Conference Prayer Time

5:00 pm (English)

5:30 pm (Spanish)

Join the Florida-wide prayer time led by Dr. Annie Perez, where she inspires hope and encourages trust in the Lord through prayer.

Zoom Tutorials

Zoom Basics


Zoom Basics

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Zoom Basics