Life Groups

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is simply living life together, presenting the opportunity of a way to join as a group with friends and family for prayer, Bible study, and dynamic discipleship — experiencing authentic relationships with God and others.

The emphasis is on developing faith and spiritual growth, and as a method of missional outreach in a group of both churched and un-churched members, sharing similar interests and benefiting from knowing and loving Christ.

What are examples?

Life Groups range from youth groups that meet to play basketball once a week, to a women’s group that meets twice a month to discuss a book they are reading together, to a men’s group that meets once a week at Panera to discuss life together, to a youth group that meets once a week at a house to watch and discuss the Arise program videos.

Any life activity can be a Life Group – the essential ingredient is God shown through love and mission.

What’s Next?

Life Groups are just for you!

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