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Latest News

Introducing Our New Associate Pastor

Sebastian Lopez and his wife Chantal

Sebastian was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. He has recently completed his Masters in Divinity at Andrews University. Chantal was born in New York and grew up in Dallas, Texas. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy also at Andrews.

Tell us a little more about yourselves:

We were married in August of 2017, so we have just celebrated our first year together and it has been a great blessing and journey. We initially met at Nameless Valley Ranch, a summer camp in Austin, Texas where we worked for several summers. We dated three years and then shared our engagement announcement at our old summer camp, which was very fitting. We married a year and a half later surrounded by our friends and loved ones.

We’ve heard you both spent time in the mission field:

Yes, during the first year that we dated we both spent time overseas as missionaries; I served in Poland, and Chantal in Turkey.

As you enter the ministry what do you look forward to the most?

I believe we’ll enjoy the relationships that come from ministry the most. We love people and creating a great community where many can come together and feel a sense of family and home. We will also enjoy the great food that I’m sure we will have from various areas of the world at the fellowship meals, we love food! We’re excited to make lasting memories while sharing God’s love with others together.

What do you both see as the learning experience?

I’m expecting to be challenged and to grow all around. It’s always exciting to go to a new place with new people and new challenges. We’re really ecstatic to realize the lessons that God has for us at Palm Coast. I’m expecting to learn more of how to lead a church and how to impact the community.

What else can you share with us we don’t know?

We love youth and young adults. We’ve been a part of summer camp ministries since we were campers ourselves. We annually help with youth ministries back home in Texas, through the different events and ministries outings. We also have helped lead the kids program at The Grace Place Church, while at Andrews. We love working with people and sharing the gospel in practical and applicable ways.

We welcome you both to the Palm Coast Seventh-day Adventist Church!